Hiatus: PPOP takes advantage of FMLA, retains rights to domain name with their own money

Our dear, dear Readers,


How we adore you so for trudging along both sides of the line we call addiction and mental illness with us through these last few years; for these last few months, we have been absent but not absent-minded and think of you often.

Because this is a blog we host for free on WordPress under a domain we pay for out of own pauper-like, debt-heavy millennial pockets, we are entitled both to stop posting at random, and to claim to be taking advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act. We are simply acting on the former, but doesn’t it sound more professional, more “legit”, more pathos-inducing (hey, Bryan. . . we don’t feel good and need some cuddles!) to claim the latter?

We have grown and evolved. Thus, our mental illnesses have followed. Our trusty shadows, yet we can trust them no longer as they bedim past the point of self-deprecative humor and what they adumbrate requires real world attention. Though we tame different tigers, a period of darkness has befallen both sisters of the honoured House of the Pen Pals. We pray (to a god that does not exist) that you will wait a few more weeks for us as our abilities to transmute darkness into sensual, silly, stirring satire return.

We are okay, and we will be back. We will be mostly benzo free; we will be immersed in CBT, sexual trauma therapy, group therapy, and responsible psychiatric care; we will talk about meditation; we will push supplements named things like “lion’s mane extract” on you; we will look into orgasmic running and other types of Portland poppycock; and we will, assuredly, still be on an opulent amount of adderall.

Until then,

Warmly and forever yours in spellbinding existential fear,

We are:

Pen Pals On Pills



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