Texting acronyms that actually describe life

When was the last time you were actually ROFL? No one’s that funny, and floors are usually gross. We here at PenPalsOnPills encourage you to keep it real, so we’ve provided a list of text acronyms that let you quickly and genuinely communicate to your friends how you’re doing and what you’re feeling throughout the day. Start using them today! Don’t worry if no one knows what you’re saying–that’s what LOL is for. 

SODI–Smiling outside, dying inside

ARLWTTL–At red light, waiting to turn left

DTBWFM–Down to binge-watch Will Ferrell movies

TBTSTC–Too busy taking selfies to care

MILO–Maybe, if the lights are off

SWFMP. WTFD –Still waiting for my pizza. What the fuck, Dominoes

PIHIAHS–Pretending I’m a housewife in Anthropologie’s home section

LOLTGBA–Laughing out loud to get Bryan’s attention

LITDA–Lying in the dark alone

WTCTE–Wanting this conversation to end

TNTF–Trying not to fart

STWS–Sorry, that wasn’t sarcasm


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